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Pre-Engineered Building (PEB)

Highly experienced technocrats, with a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced Design and Production Engineers & Technicians to design, manufacture and supply of Modern Sturdy Steel Buildings to perfection


  • Larger spans –  Up to 60 meters without any columns in between.
  • Faster Construction – PEBs save 50% of construction time compared to conventional methods.
  • Economically priced – Optimum utilization of materials, built –to-design steel structures, sections and fast construction, all lead to direct and indirect cost savings.  Reduces foundation cost with wider bay spacing.
  • Single source responsibility –  Project coordination, construction management and cash flow management etc., becomes easy.
  • Re-locatable – Expansion of PEBs at a later stage is easily possible, and relocation through easy dismantling and re-assembling.
  • Custom Designed – Will be designed to suit individual customer needs.
  • Peace of mind to customer –   We take up turn-key responsibility and you can be rest assured of a quality job in committed delivery time.