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Parboiling & Drier Plants

RICETEC Parboiling and Dryer plants are designed and engineered to perfection and are highly efficient for Raw Paddy, Steamed Paddy, Boiled Paddy and Parboiled Paddy and all major variety food grains. RICETEC offers complete boiling, drying and handling solutions in the capacities 10 Tons – 60 Tons per Batch.

The unique design and engineering of Drier plants are highly energy efficient.  The critical ratio for the process of steaming in soaking tanks and drying in heating chamber is calculated and maintained at optimum levels to attain required temperature for uniform drying of paddy with least broken.

Based on any content of moisture, variety and type of Paddy, the Dryers are designed to obtain least broken.  The steam or hot air is passed through heat exchanger to provide clean, hot air to maintain optimum temperature and uniformity in the process thru auto-controlled sensor.

In order to offer a cost effective plant, we have identified the dryer which is severely affected due to erosion because of abrasive surface of rice husk, and corrosion due to moisture in paddy, we offer this in S.S material and rest with M.S material.

Salient features:

  • Unique design of the heating chamber ensures optimum heat supply with less power consumption.
  • Uniform drying of paddy
  • Assured minimum broken and high yield of quality rice.
  • Designed for easy operation and low maintenance