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Paddy Cleaner Conventional

RICETEC Paddy Cleaner Conventional a 2 stage sieving system to remove Impurities like, sticks, twines, straws, mud lumps, oversize stones and other Impurities with negligible loss of paddy in under size stone. Suitable for paddy, wheat and all granulated products.

Features and Advantages

  • Built with combination of Pre-Cleaner and De-Stoner.
  • Drum sieve designed to remove oversize particles from the Paddy
  • Two stage cleaning system removal of impurities.
  • The special hopper to distribute feeding of material
  • Built-in blowers for de-dusting and de-stoning and impurities in Paddy
  • Sturdy Steel Body for longer life.
  • Low maintenance and Easy to operate
Capacity 3.0 MT of Paddy/Hr
Power Required For Machine : (KW/HP/RPM ): 2.2 / 3.0 / 960
Dimensions (in mm) 1850 / 1410 / 2700