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Gyro Sifter

RICETEC GYROSIFTER is designed for multi-purpose sifting operation and suitable for all types of granular and floury stocks. Custom built screens to suit individual application and fully laminated sieve frames for longer life.

Rice : Separates immature rice and tips from head rice
Flour / Atta / Rawa : Removes break stocks, semolina, all mill stocks grading of wheat and by-products
Grains : Separate spices such as black pepper, red chilly, jeera, pulses and other food grains according to the size.

Features and Advantages

  • Efficient sifting process of various grains.
  • Fully laminated sieve frames
  • Inbuilt cleaning system for suit individual application
  • Provision of Nylon Rods for Gyro Motion
  • Inbuilt cleaning systems ensures optimum and consistent performance
  • Low maintenance and Easy to operate
Model SIFT – S
Capacity 2.0 MT/HR
No of Trays 12
Power KW/HP 0.75 / 1.0/960
Dimensions 1590/1080/2150